A trade mark identifies your product or service to consumers.  Ownership of certain distinctive aspects of your branding can be achieved by a trade mark registration.  A trade mark can include almost anything recognisable to a customer, including a word, logo, slogan, colour, shape, scent, sound or even a movement.

In marketing, the selection of an appropriate trade mark can be pivotal to the success of a business venture.  As a brand is used commercially, it attracts goodwill as the reputation associated with the product or service becomes better known.  The power of well-branded products or services is reflected in significant sales and price premiums.

It may be possible to become the owner of certain aspects of your branding, by obtaining a trademark registration, which is a legal right to prevent others from using those same aspects to sell a product or service.  Over time, as a brand becomes better known, the intrinsic value of the trademark registration increases.

Unlike patents, there is no limit to the length of time for which a trade mark registration can be renewed. This means that this type of business asset can continue to appreciate indefinitely.

The team of attorneys at Adams Pluck have extensive experience in Australian trade mark law and practice, providing commercially sound advice for your business.  We can also help secure trade mark rights around the world, through our network of overseas associates.

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