Searching databases of existing patents, trade marks and designs can help determine whether you have developed something new, which can then be registered. Having a comprehensive search carried out prior to applying for an IP right can avoid wasting time and money if the right already exists.

Searching can also tell us if there is a risk that you are infringing the existing intellectual property rights of others.  Based on the findings of an infringement search (also commonly referred to as a “Freedom to Operate” search), we can advise on your ability to exploit the IP right in a particular country.

Adams Pluck can assist with the following types of IP searching:

  • Patent Novelty Searches – useful in establishing whether your invention is likely to be patentable;
  • Trade Mark and Design Registrability Searches – useful in establishing whether your mark or product design is likely to be registrable;
  • Patent, Design and Trade Mark Infringement Searches – useful to establish whether you are you likely to be infringing an existing IP right if you commercialise your mark, invention or product design in a particular country;
  • Invalidation Searches – useful in locating prior art that may be used to invalidate an existing IP registration.
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