A granted patent provides a legal monopoly that can be used to stop competitors from making unauthorised use of an invention.  Patents are business assets that may constitute a substantial component of the value of a business.  They can be sold outright or licensed to secure an on-going royalty stream.  Furthermore, patents are held in high regard by potential investors as a means of protecting their interests, and as a means of securing government grants.  In some circumstances, ownership of a patent portfolio can provide strategic negotiating leverage if a competitor alleges that your business activities infringe their patented rights.

The team of patent attorneys at Adams Pluck are experts in their field and have a depth of experience across a wide range of technologies, including chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and materials engineering.

Adams Pluck can directly handle your Australian and New Zealand patent matters.  We can also help secure international protection through our network of overseas associates.

IP Australia have prepared a comprehensive guide to applying for patent protection in Australia which can be accessed by clicking here.

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