In view of the unprecedented business interruptions caused by COVID-19, IP Australia (i.e. the Australian Patent Office) has implemented a new streamlined extension process to help applicants who may be currently struggling to meet deadlines.  Up to three months’ worth of extensions of time for patents, trademarks and designs matters are available under this new scheme.  There is no official charge to submit requests for such extensions and there is no requirement to make any supporting statements or declarations.

These extensions will be available until at least 31 May 2020.  Further information is available regarding these Australian extensions at this link:

Please note, however, that these extensions are not applicable to renewal payments.  Rather, the usual provisions allowing for payment of renewals within a 6-month extended period continue to apply with the usual monthly penalty fees being payable.

New Zealand

IPONZ (i.e. the New Zealand Patent Office) has also stated that it will look favourably upon requests for extensions of time for many patents, trademarks and designs matters due to COVID-19 impacts.  Further details regarding the New Zealand extensions is available at this link:

We would be happy to assist if you believe that any such extension may be required.  If so, please discuss the matter with an Adams Pluck attorney at your earliest convenience.